Stilla for Businesses - The perfect gift for clients

What is Stilla Motion?

Stilla Motion is a pocket-sized button that you activate through your smartphone, and that gives a signal when moving. You could put it on anything that you’d like to keep still.

How can Stilla Motion help your company?

7% of business laptops are lost during their lifetime. Imagine what such a loss would mean for your company. Stilla Motion could prevent a situation like that, and is therefore a much appreciated investment and gift to as well employees as clients.

Pre-order Stilla Motion before August 15

If you pre-order now, you’ll not only be among the first organizations with Stilla Motion - you’ll get an exclusive $7 discount. Instead of paying $46 you'll pay $39 per device. Contact us below, and we’ll get back with a quote!

How to brand your Stilla Motion?

Provide the right feel for your brand by attaching a custom designed card. The dimensions are 65 mm x 116 mm.

Sustainability has been a main focus for Stilla throughout the entire process. We are extremely proud over our production facilities, and would love to tell you more.


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