Focus on the subject, not your belongings.

Instant alerts if something moves when it shouldn't.

Stilla Motion instantly alerts your phone if someone is touching your belongings when you're not looking. You're here to shoot, not to worry.

Check out our video on Youtube here.

Three simple steps to protect your gear

1. Activate Stilla Motion in the free app

2. Do your thing, focus on what's important

3. Be instantly alerted if your stuff moves when it's not supposed to

Questions and answers

How far is the range?

You can roam up to 150 ft. away


Do I need to charge it?

No, the battery lasts up to 6-9 months and is easily replaceable


Does it track location?

No, but it will show you on a map where you got separated from it


Does it work with my phone?

Yes, if it's running recent Apple iOS or Android. It also works with smartwatches